Breakthrough the noise &
Hit your growth milestones


We’re a growth & digital agency that knows how to make your business or app capture the right attention and help get you your next 10 customers, 1000 users, or $50K+ monthly recurring revenue.

Growing a business isn’t easy. We can help.  

Empirical was founded with two purposes: 1) To help founders of early-stage companies and startups create experiences people love to talk about and products people cannot imagine living without. 2) To help launch with success and continuously grow your revenue.

Founders are under pressure to prove their concept and grow their business fast — all with a lean team and in a short amount of time too. When combined with a limited runway, it often means that marketing spend is spread thinly across an inconsistent effort or pooled all into one campaign or a single platform that supposedly work for XYZ.

So what happens then?

The website doesn’t get enough traffic. Not enough people download the app and sign up for a trial. The funnel barely converts anyone into a paying customer. And your runway keeps you up at night, wondering how you’re going to make this business work.

Revenue targets are missed and the sleepless nights continue.

This is where Empirical steps in. 

You need help developing a strategy you can have faith in. You might also need a hand in getting your product or positioning right, capturing media and public attention, running campaigns and so much more to attract the right customer or user and keep the right activities happening —and ultimately, increasing your topline or MRR (monthly recurring revenue).

So how exactly can the team at Empirical help?

Check out our capabilities OR book in a free 30-minute discovery session with our Agency Director, Cat Nguyen.

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