The creative & digital marketing agency for businesses doing things differently.

As your creative and marketing partner, we help you stay true to your values and bring your mission to life in this ever-changing landscape. We will bring out the best in your brand, work alongside you to create new experiences and put your remarkable products in the hands of more people.

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More moments of awe

Awe isa concept from psychology that describes the enthralment that people feel when they experience something remarkable. When they stand in front of something so vast—not just of its physical size but the impression that it leaves them, making them feel aligned to a greater purpose.

Our vision is a future where brands, businesses and people focus on creating moments of awe for themselves and for each other.

Our mission is to bring out the best in brands, create memorable experiences and put remarkable products in the ands of more people. We do this through our creative and marketing work—day in, day out.

Our values underpin how we work

Seek to understand first.
We don't believe in blindly executing for the sake of billing hours or crossing items off our list. We understand "why" we're doing "what" we're doing. This means understanding the market in which our clients operate in, what makes our clients different, the problems they solve for their customers and how our work helps grow your business.
Show up and put in energy.
When we say we're going to do something, we'll do it and we'll do it well.
Strive to create moments of awe.
From the experiences we design to the marketing campaigns we manage, we make every piece of work count.

The Story

Having spent my former years generating demand and growing brand presence for startups and then analysing data and consulting to big brands on how to strategically grow, I realised this:

There are businesses who can't afford to hire, train, develop and retain their own marketing team yet their full business needs cannot be met by Facebook Ads or Google Ads agencies alone. The missing model is access to a team that champions your brand (not their billables), work with you to align on a fluff-free commercial strategy, has the skills to execute it and is nimble enough to adapt to change. You need a CMO, a marketer, a designer and you need to be able to pick up the phone and call them when you need to.

I call it The Vertical Slice. All of the right talent, at the right capacity, at the cost of one full time marketing coordinator.

Since starting The Empirical Agency in 2018, we've done just this for our clients.

— Cat Nguyen

Cat Nguyen (she/her)

Managing Director & Mum who sees the world through the lens of branding, marketing and sitcom references.

The first time I worked in marketing was when I was 18 doing my rotation in a mid-sized business. My first task was to organise Grand Prix tickets to woo clients. I remember thinking "if I get paid for this, then this is what I want to do". I still find ways to woo clients, customers, and users through my work to this today and I still can't believe this is what I get to do.

Liam Johnson (he/him)

Digital Marketing Specialist & proud dog dad. Thankfully, there's no correlation between my Uber rating and my performance at work.

What I enjoy most about marketing is the psychology behind WHY and HOW consumers make purchase decisions. I think this stems from curiosity as a child, always hassling my parents to better understand how the world works. I think this is reflected in my work today, as I always take a step back to try and understand the bigger picture and what it is my clients truly want to achieve.

Rashmika Jambu (she/her)

Multi-Media Designer & Art Enthusiast.

The tangibility of design is what makes is so exciting for me. Our entire world is influenced by design. From the signage telling you to push or pull the door, to the largest billboard on the freeway. Being able to visually interpret any sort of information is a challenge I am so excited to undertake every day.