About Empirical

Whether you’re looking for more of the same type of customer, entering a new market or in the world of tech, we help grow the companies we work with through defining brand and marketing strategies, designing human-centred digital products, launching memorable campaigns and building successful lead engines. We understand the intricacies of business and the flow-on effect between design, technology and marketing. It’s not usual to come by and it stems from our background in working at every stage of a business – from idea conceptualisation, to launch, to growth and scale.

Our mission is to create experiences people love to talk about and build products people cannot imagine living without. The way we do this is by only partnering with clients we believe in, with products and services that should set the standard in their respective industries.

Our Beliefs

We are strategists, marketers and designers with shared values and beliefs that influence what we do and the impact we hope to make.

Start with empathy. We learn a lot by listening.

We centre our focus on people – how they think, feel and engage. No matter how far we venture with technology, we always consider the humans involved and impacted.

Deep thought breeds beautiful things. So lets immerse.

Complex problems aren’t solved at the surface level. They take a level of commitment and deep, critical thinking.

Anticipate the needs before they’re spoken.

Thinking and preparing ourselves for ‘what’s next’ means we deliver to unspoken needs. We anticipate what customers cannot yet articulate.

Make it count. We use our energy wisely.

Time, energy and attention are valuable currencies in today’s busy and distracted world, so however we choose to spend it, we make sure it’s worthwhile.

Push for more. Push for better. Always pursue growth and learning.

We uncover gaps in our understanding and knowledge and treat these as learning opportunities. This helps us grow in our work and as individuals.

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